AirBNB upgrades to a Edge friendly PWA dans Téléphonie
All About Windows Phone 2018-04-20 12:49:32

While it's possibly too early to call PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) 'apps' in the traditional sense, in that they're mostly not in the Store (yet), it's well worth noting how many Internet services are popping up PWAs on their main URLs. In this case AirBNB, which works really well under Edge on Windows 10 Mobile. And then you pin it, or use something like PAWA to package it without the URL...

Flagship head to head: Lumia 950 XL vs Huawei P20 Pro dans Téléphonie
All About Windows Phone 2018-04-20 10:49:00

Yes, I'm comparing a 2015 phone with one from 2018, so it's not a fair fight. Yet in the interests of showing Windows 10 Mobile users/fans one of the more likely Android phones that they might like to move to in the next 12 months, here's a blow by blow comparison of the ageing but classic Lumia 950 XL against the brand new (40MP-sensored, triple lens) Huawei P20 Pro. And yes, a full-on imaging...

Go on, guess what Comic Show UWP does... dans Téléphonie
All About Windows Phone 2018-04-20 09:36:12

Yes, it shows comics - well, electronic (DRM-free) ones anyway. Reading comics on your phone or tablet is apparently a thing - I guess there's nothing to get dog-eared and there's no storage problem, at least? This is a full UWP application and works on any Windows 10 device, from phone to tablet to laptop.

Windows 10 Maps gets a big server-side search fix dans Téléphonie
All About Windows Phone 2018-04-19 23:33:00

It's no secret in the Windows 10 world that Maps has its share of issues - one of which is horribly outdated map data in some countries and one of which is that the online 'quick match' search results aren't (ironically) matched up to the format of place names in the offline maps, resulting in 'We can't find' errors on the very thing you just accepted. Happily, this is now sorted out, as of a...

PAWA (UWP) gets big experimental update dans Téléphonie
All About Windows Phone 2018-04-18 16:01:05

You may remember that I reviewed PAWA here and then reported on one update after another recently? Well, here's another, I make no apologies for covering this really interesting tool, adding a Dashboard for seeing what you currently have pinned and packaged, plus plenty that shows development is still active. In case you'd been living under a rock, PAWA lets you add packaged...

Spreadsheet Conversion Tool UWP debuts, free dans Téléphonie
All About Windows Phone 2018-04-17 16:26:48

With the usual cloud-centric converters, Spreadsheet Conversion Tool is the latest UWP utility from Roxy and, as ever, a vital tool for anyone using Windows 10 laptops and phones for professional use. It's also free, so grab it with both hands. See below for details and screenshots in use.

Prolific publishers and much more, added to Podcast Lounge UWP dans Téléphonie
All About Windows Phone 2018-04-17 07:23:00

Last covered here on April 2nd, Podcast Lounge UWP (still technically in beta) continues to improve apace. I make no apologies for dipping into its beta period with multiple Flow stories here on AAWP - the developer has been incredibly communicative in terms of what's new and changed, as well as really getting involved with readers and users. (And if other devs were to do the same then they'd get...

The Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro starts selling out in Europe dans Téléphonie
All About Windows Phone 2018-04-16 19:59:00

Nine months after it came on sale in Europe (remember, the nigh-identical IDOL 4S came out a year and a half ago in the USA), the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro is finally sold out on Microsoft's UK site - though still available in France and Germany. The recent price drop to £320 will have helped clear stocks, of course - there are still people who want a Windows 10 phone in 2018.

How to: use Instagram under Windows 10 Mobile dans Téléphonie
All About Windows Phone 2018-04-16 07:17:00

Last covered here in Autumn 2017, Instagram's official UWP application has effectively been pulled in the last day or so, thanks to the new version being compiled for Redstone 3 and above (i.e. for PC/x86), meaning that the 'feature2' branch that Windows 10 Mobile maxed out on doesn't qualify. However, all is not lost and Edge handily comes to the rescue if you still want to access Instagram...

The Wileyfox Pro is now (formally) back and available dans Téléphonie
All About Windows Phone 2018-04-13 16:49:18

Released at the end of last year amidst financial issues for Wileyfox generally, the Windows 10 Mobile-powered Wileyfox Pro was caught in the maelstrom and never really appeared on the open market. But it seems to be back and available (along with the rest of Wileyfox's range) now, at £199 including VAT, or £166 each (ex-VAT) for businesses (and less when bought in quantity, of...